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Build your own secure alternative to Dropbox

Transporter enables your organization to deliver its own private cloud service for file access syncing and sharing that is identical to those from popular services like Dropbox, on easy to deploy hardware appliances that you own and control. By offering your company’s users the cloud features they enjoy and require, Transporter eliminates the temptation to use unauthorized public cloud solutions that could expose sensitive business information. The hardware deployment model gives your business total control over the physical location and redundancy of data, and best of all, there are no recurring monthly fees.

An economic model for the cloud that makes sense

Most businesses pay large monthly subscription fees but increasing capacity usage along with a growing number of users has pushed operating expenses beyond what a business is willing to pay. To keep these users, cloud storage providers like Box and Dropbox are furiously undercutting one another on price even as they’re losing enormous amounts of money. Transporter changes everything by enabling business and government organizations to own and control their own private cloud service. This avoids the risk of trusting a public cloud service that could easily go out of business trapping your data on the Internet.

Transporter Transporter Transporter Transporter
Transporter 15 Transporter 30 Transporter 75 Transporter 150
Organizational users Up to 15 Up to 30 Up to 75 Up to 150
Guest users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Disk Capacity Per Node 8 TB 12 TB 12 TB 24 TB
Form Factor Desktop Desktop Rackmount Rackmount
Network connection Dual GigE Dual GigE Dual GigE Dual GigE
NAS Integration Available Available
Auto-Sync Between Transporters Available Available Available Available
RAID-Array Available Available Available Available
Redundant Power/Cooling Available Available
SSD Metadata Acceleration Available Available

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